The conference program groups together presentations along similar themes to facilitate knowledge sharing and community building. A full program will be published one week before the event commences.

The conference paper presentations will consist of sessions which are run in 75-minute time slots. Each time slot will have ample time reserved for questions and discussions at the end of the presentations. This allows for greater participation and greater discussion of the ideas arising from the papers after presenters have discussed their work within their chosen field.

Sessions will consist of 3 x 20-minute paper presentations within each 75-minute timeslot. You will be required to keep to this time. Please do not read from your paper but focus on remarks on the major conclusions and implications that are the motivation for your work.

This structure allows for 15-20 minutes of extended discussion following the presentations, during which time the presenters have the opportunity to discuss their work in response to questions from the audience.

You should be sure your talk fits into the allotted 20 minutes of your presentation. Members of the LDoc team in the room will have to cut your talk short, should it run over, to ensure all presenters in a paper session are allotted their full presentation time.

During your 20-minute paper presentation, be sure to discuss the main points of your argument. Visual props and slides are helpful, offering variety and illustration. However, reading your talk from PowerPoint slides should be avoided. We advise that you rehearse your presentation out loud several times.

The paper presentation session room is equipped with a large screen and data projector. Conference delegates are asked to share their presentation five days beforehand, and each delegates paper will be queued up in order to allow for a smooth transition between speakers.