We are inviting proposals for paper presentations and workshops on the following themes:

Theme 1: Risk in Design Research

How do we view risk in design research, and how can we challenge perspectives of risk?

  • Concepts of risk
  • Fate and luck
  • Engaging with risk in design research
  • Risk and research methodology
  • Limitations without risk
  • Turning attitudes towards risk
  • Trusting in risk
  • Communicating risk in the design of research frameworks
  • Breaking the myth of risk in design research
  • Preparing for the unknown

Theme 2: Resilience in Design Research

Resilience is often defined as positive adaptation to adversity. How might we develope resilience models in research?

  • Designing research for uncertainty
  • A resilient approach to design research

The conference encourages papers from attendees who are leading in their field as well as emerging scholars.  This is an opportunity for attendees to share their work, discuss key issues within their field, and build relationships.